Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Common Sense Isn't So Common

A cursory googling on "seat belts in buses and trains" will make it clear that the debate to implement safety restraining systems in trains, commuter buses and school buses has been going on for years. You can hear one side state that a child is safer traveling by bus, albeit without a lap belt, than say riding a bike or being dropped off by parents. Then you see and hear of the tragic devastation when accidents, such as the most recent one involving the Metrolink in Chattsworth, Ca. colliding head-on with a cargo train at 40 mph sending bodies afloat severing limbs and torsos and causing more than 20 deaths. After this horrific accident, which may be followed by lawsuits totaling in the billions, wouldn't it be common sense to implements safety belts? Whoever said that common sense should be called uncommon sense was a wise man indeed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Budweiser Ale Hitting Your Beershelves This Month

Apparently, in a bold move to get the "real" beer drinkers to buy their otherwise bland, I'm-broke-and-can't-afford-a-real-beer-so-I'll -buy-a-12-pack-of-Bud-Light-for-5-bucks product (trust me I've been there!), the Budweiser team is releasing its beer in ale format the 15th of this month. Will it succeed? I can't wait to try it though. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Close Encounter with Business

"Some orthodox Christians are calling "The Shack" heresy. On his radio program in April, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said it was "subversive" and "incoherent." Concerned that "The Shack" might adversely influence readers, LifeWay Christian Stores, the Southern Baptist Convention's bookstore chain, in June pulled "The Shack" off shelves to review its theology. Two weeks later the books were for sale again, this time with a warning label that says READ WIT'H DISCRETION. A LifeWay spokeswoman says she expects "The Shack" to be high on its best-seller list for August." Excerpt from http://www.newsweek.com/id/156370
Do you know what realy pisses me off? No, it's not the fact that another wackhead writes about his close encounter with God, but that people like Mohler and those idiots from the SBC, or as the article herein identifies as "orthodox christians (lmao)," have the audacity to deem views as heretical and yet still fatten their pockets by making money off books that propound them.